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A. My Duty Stations
- Introduction To My U.S. Navy Career
- Recruit Training Center, San Diego, CA
- Pacific Reserve Fleet, Rough & Ready Island, Stockton, CA
- USS Klondike AR-22
- Electronics Technician Class "A" School, Treasure Island
- USS Bexar APA-237
- Electronics Technician Class "B" School, Treasure Island
- Instructor Duty, NAVSCHCOM, Treasure Island
- Associate Degree Completion Program ADCOP, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA
- Ship's Inertial Navigation School SINS, MK3 MOD4, Groton, CT
- USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN-686
- USS Chicago CG-11
- Navy Tactical Interoperability Support Activity NTISA, San Diego, CA
- USS Robison DDG-12

B. Post Navy Years

- Life After The Navy

C. Military & Commander-In-Chief Tribute, Misc. Military News & Stories

- Support Our Troops
- America Under Attack

- Why Don't We Hear About These Guys?
- USS San Francisco SSN-711 Collision
- What A MK48 Torpedo Can Do
- Rumsfeld - Another Prospective
- Photos Too Shocking For The Liberal Media
- Troop Support Sites & Links
- Support Our C-in-C
- A Tribute To The Great Communicator

D. Humor & Politics

- Humor
- Food For Thought
- Hillary - She Must be Stopped
- Lardass Socialist, Michael Moore
- Liberals

E. Links & Blogs

- Military Oriented Site Links
- Favorite Blogs
F. Flash Movies
- America, Why I Love Her
- God Bless The USA
- My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
- Pledge of Allegiance To The Flag