Introduction Page To My U.S. Navy Career

By: Old Blue Jacket

During my high school years, I was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the high school I was attending and the one-horse town I lived in. We had just recently moved from Yakima, WA to Arcata, CA and I wasn’t adjusting well in my new environment. In addition, I wasn’t getting along very well with my dad at the time. So, he suggested that I quit school and join the military. It sounded good at the time, so we headed off to the local military recruiting offices in Eureka, CA.

The first recruiting office was the U. S. Air Force, and I had always wanted to join the Air Force. Well, they turned me down because I wasn’t a high school graduate. I was only seventeen and in the middle of my junior year at the time. Quelling my disappointment, we proceeded to the next recruitment office in line, The U. S. Navy. Fortunately at the time, they would take just about anyone who could walk. I often wonder, if the next recruitment office had been the Marines or Army, would I have made a career out of the military.

They bused me down to San Francisco, put me up in the YMCA, wined and dined me, poked and groped me, and swore me in. I thought hey, this military thing is going to be all right! So then, it was off to San Diego and boot camp.

I enlisted with a high school buddy (Ken Harris), under the “buddy” program. He was discharged while undergoing recruit training – after a medical physical discovered a heart murmur (I believe). For some reason, probably more my fault than his, our friendship cooled during this boot camp stint. I often wonder what happened to him.

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Duty Stations:

March 1962 – June 1962
Recruit Training Center (Boot Camp)
San Diego, CA

June 1962 – June 1963
Pacific Reserve Fleet Rough & Ready Island

Stockton, CA

June 1963 – February 1966
USS Klondike AR-22
Homeport: San Diego, CA

February 1966 – April 1967
Student: Electronics Technician Class “A” School Treasure Island

San Francisco, CA

April 1967 – September 1968
USS Bexar APA-237
Homeport: San Diego, CA

October 1968 – October 1969
Student: Electronics Technician Class “B” School Treasure Island

San Francisco, CA

October 1969 – December 1969
Instructor Training Course, San Diego, CA
December 1969 – July 1973
Instructor: Electronics Technician Class “B” School Treasure Island

San Francisco, CA

July 1973 – June 1975
Associate Degree Completion Program ADCOP Foothill College

Los Altos Hills, CA

June 1975 – December 1975
Student: Ships Inertial Navigation System SINS Mark 3, Mod 4

New London, Conn.

February 1976 – April 1977
USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN-686
Homeport: Charleston, SC

April 1977 – March 1980
USS Chicago CG-11 Homeport: North Island

San Diego, CA

April 1980 – May 1983
Navy Tactical Interoperability Support Activity NTISA

Detachment One, North Island
San Diego, CA

May 1983 – June 1984
USS Robison DDG-12
Homeport: San Diego, CA

June 1984 – Present
Life After The Navy