Treasure Island (Background) As Seen From Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco Bay

Electronics Technician Class "A" School
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA
February 1966
- April 1967


I attended 54 weeks of Electronics Technician Class "A" School on Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA. The school was split into 6 sections (ET A-1, A-2, A-3N, ET-N, ET A-3R, and ET-R). Which sections you attended depended on how much obligated service time you had. Since I re-enlisted for 6 years (which I never got the big bonus that some did, only a token $1600), I got the whole ball of wax - all 6 sections. Depending on the section, I graduated anywhere from two to sixteen - in the top quarter and above, of my class anyway. I always had trouble with Algebra when in high school, but I had no difficulty learning it from the very well trained and experienced Navy Instructors. Also, my attention span and motivation to learn was a little different now.

Upon arrival at ET"A" School, I found out that I had made 2nd class petty officer (Ship Servicemen). This made it much more comfortable going through "A" School as a 2nd class petty officer, versus going through as a 3rd class petty officer. I now didn't have to put up with all the B.S. that the lower rated sailors did. I was put in a leadership position, in charge of my class. Also, as a petty officer, the watch standing duties were easier on duty days - except for shore patrol duty in the EM Club.

Janet and I settled into a one bedroom apartment on Gough Street in San Francisco. It was an apartment in an old victorian style building. I remember the wiring was so old that you couldn't plug very much into any of the outlets. Plus, we had our car (1964 4-on-the-floor Chevy Super Sport hardtop) stolen and it was later found on Baker's Beach stripped. The insurance company paid for putting it all back together and this time I installed a burglar alarm in it. Sure enough, a few nights later, I awoke to the alarm going off as they tried stealing it again. Soon after this attempt, we sold it and bought a VW bus camper.

While attending ET-A School, I also attended evening classes at John Adams Adult High School. I wanted an actual H.S. diploma, not just the GED H.S. equivalency I currently had. Upon successful completion of these classes, I obtained my high school diploma. Believe it or not, these classes were much harder than any of the college classes (associate, bachelors, or masters degree) that I took later in my career. I'm glad that I took these courses, especially the English course, because they sure don't teach English in college anymore.

Upon graduation, I had orders to the Communications Station at San Miguel Philippines. My security clearance wasn't back yet, so my orders were cancelled and I was put in a hold status. I was put to work repairing radar equipment (primarily AN/SPA-25 Radar Repeaters) at RD "A" School. Later, I received new orders to the USS Bexar APA-237 in San Diego, CA.

Photos of Treasure Island and ET "A" School. These photos are provided courtesy of Danny Farrow, who took these photos while attending ET "A" School from Jan to Oct 1966.

ET "A" School. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Navy Exchange complex. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

ET "A" School Radar Section. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Basilone Theater. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

ET "A" School. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

ET "A" School and Navy Exchange. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

RD "A" School. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

BOQ. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Bank of America branch. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Mess Hall. Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Photo courtesy of Danny Farrow

Thanks Danny - excellent photos of TI in the mid-60s!

Ranks Attained:
Petty Officer Second Class

Rating Specialty: Electronics Technician - Communications (ETN2)

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